conveyor belts, quarry equipment


To cover the requirements for query machinery, construction companies, mining companies as well as any other business requires sorting and grading of any kind of material, we can supply metallic and synthetic wire meshes. We supply, sell, install replace and maintain all kinds of material-grading meshes.

Our wide range of products can cover any demand for grading and sorting materials in queries, construction sites, food processing, fertilize processing, ceramics and tile factories, plastics, recycling, waste management etc. Our equipment can handle strict small dimension sorting as well as handling and processing of sticky low viscosity materials.

Top and constant priority is top quality products and services. We are collaborating with the best meshes manufacturing factories from all around the globe. We stock meshes made of various materials and applying in many fields. Steel wire meshes, stainless steel wire meshes, rubber meshes and polyurethane meshes. Custom made for particular uses such as anti-clogging meshes, anti-sticking meshes, for handling hard aggressive material and sticking low-flow material. We can fulfill requirements of special custom dimensions or custom applications.