conveyor belts, quarry equipment


The main volume of our business is regarding the selling installation and maintenance of all kinds of conveyor belts. Practically there is no kind and dimension of conveyor belt that we are not familiar with, we have not maintained and we cannot provide to our customers. Since 1995 we have installed and maintained, quite some kilometers of conveyor belts. During the past seventeen years we have collaborated with large constructing groups and consortiums contributing in materializing of significant public and private constructions, such as the Athens Metro Subway, main National Highways, tunnels, junctions, recycling factories, and waste management facilities. We have supplied material and on-site services to tile-factories, queries, food factories, chemical factories and large number of enterprises dealing with earth and mining materials

We maintain sufficient stock of various kinds of conveyor belts. We can install and provide on-site service. Flat conveyor belts, chevron belts, side walled belts, steel cord belts, breaker belts, reinforced belts, belts resisting to “aggressive” materials such as oil resistance and super oil resistance, high temperature resisting belts, synthetic material like PVC and Teflon belts and any kind of special appliance and specification.

Our fully equipped technical crews can manage any on site repair or replacement regardless size and kind of conveyor belt. Our long experience and occupation of the whole company and our crew has founded long lasting relationships with numerous companies that trust on us for the welfare and smooth operation of their valuable technical equipment. Our main concern is in all cases to minimize our response time in respect to our client’s significance of their equipment.