conveyor belts, quarry equipment

Efthimios Kontostanos celebrates his seventeenth year of continuous presence, in marketing of conveyor belts, maintenance and repair of conveyors and machinery quarry equipment. Since 2007 when Mr.E.Kontostanos founded the E. KONTOSTANOS ltd, implemented new projects achieving to transfer the center of operations in private buildings in the industrial area of Megara, Attica, to penetrate and consolidate in metallic meshes trade and the production of rubber products (investment tanks for chemical, etc.).

Having as basis a quality product and prompt service to customer needs, he organized a sales network and a completed service group of repair and maintenance conveyors covering the whole of Greece.

We produce and we market quality and competitive products and we are able to cover the requirements of contemporary market as well as attentive to expand into new markets, technologies and partnerships that will give us momentum for the future.